For clinical matters, the best way to contact me is on my confidential voicemail at 617-489-9090. I answer that line very infrequently, so in order to speak to me please leave a message with times and numbers where I can reach you.

I try to answer my messages in a timely way, but especially for new patients it can take me several days to call back.


I can be reached by email at  I tend to check my email quite frequently, so this can be a good way to reach me. But please note:

  • It is impossible to completely guarantee the security and confidentiality of email communication. However, many patients are willing to accept the small risk of emails being intercepted for the convenience of being able to change an appointment time via email, for example. If you email me, I take it as implicit consent for me to communicate with you in the same way.
  • Due to the volume of email I receive, I sometime put emails aside to answer later and then do not get back to them in a timely way.  For patients of mine, urgent clinical matters should be communicated by telephone message, perhaps with an email alerting me to the fact that you’ve left a message.
  • If I have not responded to a non-urgent matter in 2-3 days, please feel free to email again, and/or leave a telephone message.
  • Questions that are easy for me to answer immediately are less likely to get put aside than others.
  • If your email has several points to make, it is best to alert me at the beginning; otherwise it may get put aside without me getting to a later part of the email.

Postal Address

The mailing address for my practice is:

Nat Kuhn MD
405 Concord Ave, Unit 312
Belmont, MA 02478